FY22 Winter Plan

The FY22 Winter Plan was approved unanimously by ICH Executive Committee on October 12th. You can find the full FY22 Winter Plan Here.

The Winter Plan is updated on an annual basis and describes how District government agencies and providers within the Continuum of Care will coordinate to provide hypothermia shelter and other services for those who are homeless in the District of Columbia, consistent with the right of consumers to shelter in severe weather conditions.

More information on the development of the Winter Plan and additional efforts by the DC Interagency Council on Homelessness (ICH) is available at https://ich.dc.gov

A few highlights in this year’s plan:

  • Hypothermia season starts on November 1st
  • PEP-V will remain open throughout hypothermia season
    • NOTE: The PEP-V sites are not available for walk-up.
  • LBS and PEP-V locations will continue to operate 24/7 throughout hypothermia season
    • Men’s and Women’s capacity charts can be found in the Winter Plan
  • Seasonal Sites will come online in “Phase 2” once other shelters are at capacity, once online they will be open nightly 8pm-7am
  • There will be both scheduled and unscheduled transportation available
    • Transportation schedule can be found in the Winter Plan
    • Unscheduled transportation can be accessed by calling the Shelter Hotline – 202-399-7093