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Successes and Research Articles

Housing First References

20 peer-reviewed journal articles on the nationally adopted best practice of Housing First supported by our president’s Strategic Plan, HUD, VA, USICH, NAEH, SAMHSA and locally by TCP, DHS, DBH, ICH and our mayor

SPDAT/VI-SPDAT Evidence Brief

Peer-reviewed journal articles informing and reflecting how VI-SPDAT and SPDAT represent best practices in D.C. and more than 130 other communities nationwide

100 Days Initiative

The District’s Coordinated Entry team is working to reevaluate reporting methodologies and will share monthly reports as soon as possible.  More information on homelessness in the District can be found via and

Where it all began! Results from the District of Columbia’s first 100 day initiative, also specifically targeting veterans

Results from the District of Columbia’s second 100 day initiative, targeting veterans specifically

Assessment and housing placement results from the District of Columbia’s third 100 day initiative (and first initiative through Rapid Results’ 25 Cities Campaign)

Success in assessing and housing individuals through the District of Columbia’s most recent 100 day initiative

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